• Tiki Face Metal Wall Art


    Tiki Face Metal Wall Art 14 gauge Steel This Tiki Face will look good in your home and etc... This will be a WOW piece. Your options are the following: -Color can be Rustic, Black, Gold, White or no color -Also offering the Hammered paint in Black and Brown The rustic is real rust and will continue to change patterns over time. This piece is cut to order and every piece will have different looking patina. All piece will be the same otherwise. Measurements are the following: Face: Length 15 3/4" Wide 7 1/2" We also do custom work. Our motto is if you think it we can make it for you... Just contact us for a quote. HISTORY: A tiki is a large wooden carving in humanoid form, although this is a somewhat archaic usage in the Mori language.