• Large Directional Address Sign Custom Metal Number 16" x 10"


    Large Custom Directional Address Sign
    Fabricated from 14g steel and measures
    16" x 10" and features 14" ground stake

    Point your guests or delivery people in
    the right (or left) direction with this one
    sided directional sign. Perfect for 
    marking the edge of a turn in or drive
    way. Not meant to be viewed from both sides.

    Add an custom design element and curb
    appeal to any yard or landscape design
    with beautiful address sign. 

    Color Options:
    Raw Steel 
    or if you prefer a custom color to match you 
    outdoor decor please feel free to contact us!

    The rust finish is an accelerated rusting process
    that create real rust, not a paint or covering. 
    The rust will continue to grow and evolve. The
    rust is hand done on each piece and will vary in
    color, depth and finish from piece to piece.  

    We would love to customize this item for you. 
    We can accommodate personal requests such
    as size, color etc... Just let us know what you 
    have in mind we would love to personalize this for you!

    ***Please Note***
    The Raw Steel color option is a high gloss clear coat over RAW MATERIAL. All scratches, flaws, sanding and grind marks WILL BE PRESENT AND WILL BE SEEN. There is a "front and back" to the material and the majority of the grinding and scarring is on the "back" of the piece. We offer this as finish option because it compliments the rustic hand made aesthetic that Cutting Edge Craftsmen has come to be known for. If you are looking for an item with a nice smooth finish, please choose to have it painted rather than clear coated.