• Custom metal sign with Numbers floating off the sign


    Custom metal sign with Floating off the sign

    You can pick the numbers the following colors:
    Rust, Black, Gold, White, Raw Steel

    You can pick the sign the following colors:
    Rust, Black, Gold, White, Raw Steel

    You can choose up to 6 numbers or Letters per yard sign.

    This is a great way to either express your self in metal.

    This will add rust curb appeal to your landscape design. This is a natural rust Patina.
    The rust is real rust and will continue to change patterns over time.
    This piece is cut to order and every piece will have different looking patina.

    We can also make this in any dimension or finish you would like just email us and we'll can give you a quote.

    This is made from 14 gauge steel.

    During check out please identify the numbers and/or lettering you would like on your sign.

    Measurements are approximately the following:
    Size is depended on how many numbers used.