• Custom 3 inch Metal Letters and Numbers for Wall Decor for Industrial, Address, Raw, Sign, House, Monogram


    This listing is for one 3 inch steel letter, number, or symbol.
    Letters and numbers are base on the height of the 3" tall may vary height and width depending on the font and character.

    Each is made with heavy gauge steel.

    Font is Constantia

    Your options are the following:
    -Color can be aged copper patina, Rust, Black, Gold, blue, white, silver or no color
    -Also offering the Hammered paint in Black and Brown
    -This can have holes for hanging, free standing or nothing

    A in picture is aged copper patina.
    B in picture is forge black.
    C in picture is rust.

    We do offer Custom Fonts and/or paint.

    The rust is real rust and will continue to change patterns over time.
    This piece is cut to order and every piece will have different looking patina.

    We also do custom work. Our motto is if you think it we can make it for you...
    Just contact us for a quote.