• Custom Metal Snail Sculpture 11" or 23" Yard and Garden Art Patio


    Custom Metal Garden Sculpture
    Fabricated from 14g steel and 
    features hand shaped 3D design. 

    Add an extra design element to 
    any landscape or garden. Perfect
    for an accent piece on a patio or
    flowerbed or porch. 

    Default color for this piece is rust
    However if you would like a custom
    color please feel free to contact us!
    2 sizes available:
    11" x 7" or
    23" x 10.5"

    We also do custom work. Our motto is if you think it we can make it for you...
    Just contact us for a quote.

    **Please Note* The rust finish is real rust made up of benign household chemicals and it will continue to grow, evolve and change. Each piece is done by hand so there may be slight variations from one piece to the next